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Like Water and Oil

Like Water and Oil

I am a bit of a lab rat. A science nerd with a Communications degree. So when I ordered my handy little skim moisture reader off of Amazon, I was excited to poke myself in the name of science and data that would put a lot of people to sleep. The data of the water and oil levels in my skin. Keep in mind the information I gathered is very much a YMMV (your mileage may very) example. No one has the same skin. We may have similarities, but no one has the exact same combination of cells in their body, therefore no one will react the same way.

My boyfriend Adam told me that in order to do an accurate comparison of the effectiveness of my skincare routine, I need to not do it for a day, and track the data the same way. That is a definite “no”. I don’t know that I could and not feel gross. At least not in the middle of the Summer heat. I will, however, be following this up with additional data in the Fall (October) and in the Winter (December) when the snow is flying and I am trying to hibernate from the Wisconsin Winter. I am very curious to see how my skin changes from season to season. I know it gets dry, but I want to see how much and when.

The Method

My meter measures the percentage of water and oil in my skin. I took readings from my nose, forehead, cheek, chin and wrist. I measured on the right side of my face, roughly every hour (sometimes with drive time it wasn’t possible to do every hour) for and entire day (minus sleep time). I also measured a little more frequently after each major skin treatment (post sheet mask and modeling mask).

The Data-Oil

The surprising standout piece of data was that my least oily point of my day was when I woke up in the morning. Before I got into Asian Beauty, I woke up with a shiny oil slick on my face. It appears that I have addressed that issue and I now wake up with skin closer to “chok chok”. An obviouse oil-less part of my day was just after I put on my makeup. Not surprising since I use a setting powder in my makeup routine.

The oiliest part of my day was again, surprisingly after I rubbed in my sheet mask in the evening. My chin was the oiliest after my modeling mask, which was my last stop for the evening. I would have guessed that the oiliest part of my day would have been when I woke up or after a hot car ride on a 100+ degree day. With no air conditioning.

The Data-Water

One of the biggest surprises for me was when I measured percentage of water on my nose to be the lowest right after my morning routine. I would’ve thought that right after I moisturize I would have been quite plump with water. However, maybe this is a fluke and I did not put a thick enough layer of snail gel on my nose. I am not known for being the most alert in the morning. I will endeavor to pay greater attention to moisturizing my nose in the future and see if the reading changes this Fall. Not surprisingly, the lowest moisture levels came for most parts of my face after I put my makeup on morning, again probably due to my setting powder. Not surprisingly was that my chin was the most dehydrated after my hot car ride home at the end of the day. It was definitely hot the day I did my testing. Right in line with when my skin was the oiliest, my skin had the highest concentration of water right after I did a sheet mask. With the exception of my chin, which seems to have most of the outlying data. My chin had the highest concentration of water after my modeling mask, which again was the final step of my night.

In conclusion, I discovered that the sheet mask is a major hydrating point in my day, that I may not be moisturizing my nose well enough, and that my chin seems to have a mind of its own when it comes to moisture and oil. I’m excited to repeat this experiment again after the weather changes this Fall and Winter. I’m curious to know what everyone else that has a moisture meter has discovered about their skin. Let me know if you have any insights or ideas for my future data collecting. Have a moisture filled day! That sounds really bad…

Love me some honey…

Love me some honey…

One of the first line of skincare that I tried in sample form was the Skin Food Royal Honey line. Frankly I started with that line because I got the most samples in an Ebay lot from that line to justify a longer trial. I loved half of it, lol. I think my skin just likes products with honey. 

Holy Grails!

Royal Honey Mask

The Royal Honey Mask was a bit of a surprise for me. Just beginning by K Beauty adventures, I thought “”mask”meant something that moisturized. This is actually more of a manual exfoliant. It was amazing. It felt a little odd to have this mask sitting 0n my skin. It is thin but very sticky. I did my oil cleanse before the mask. After waiting the 10 minutes for the mask to sit on my skin, I began to rub. I could feel and see the little balls of dead skin roll up under my fingers. It was gross and cool at the same time. After I felt like I could roll no more, I wiped everything off and followed with my cream cleanser. My skin felt so soft and new!

Royal Honey Nutrition Essence and Royal Honey Essential Eye Cream

The Royal Honey Nutrition Essence and Royal Honey Essential Eye Cream were fairly unremarkable. I would need more time and product to accurately evaluate an essence or eye cream. I did not see any immidiate results, even with simple moisturizations. I may come back to these products at a later date. 

Holy Grails!

Royal Honey Hydro Massage Gel

OMG my first holy grail! I love this product. I have always had a problem with waking up with greasy skin. After using this sleep pack, I woke up to “chok chok’ skin! It is very much the consistency of half-set gelatin with a mild honey scent. It absorbs into my skin wonderfuly and I wake moisturized and most importantly-not greasy!

I have purchased and regularly use both the Royal Honey Mask and the Royal Honey Hydro Massage Gel. I anticipate both of these products will be a staple in my routine for a long time.

Customer Service

Customer Service

I have noticed something about K Beauty, or Asian Beauty in general. The customer service. The samples and the handwritten notes.

That is not part of customer service in the United States. The first time I got an order from Korea, through EBay, I was stunned to find a typed and signed note as well as samples and stickers. It was a $.99 sheet mask! Since then I have gotten samples, stickers, typed notes and handwritten notes. I even got a second handwritten note from an EBay seller who remembered me from a month ago! In most of my recent experience in the United States, cashiers often forget to even say thank you. That is one of the many things I like about K Beauty. The customer service. Now I seek out items from that seller that wrote me the two notes. I make sure I leave great feedback for sellers. How much better would the world be if we all remembered to be polite and courteous?

Feel the burn…

Feel the burn…

Ok burn may be an exaggeration. Stinging? Well that is what happened with the Tony Moly Goat Milk Moisture Mask Sheet.

Within about thirty seconds my skin started to sting in tiny pinpricks. It wasn’t really bad like wool fabric being rubbed, but it was enough to be imcomfortable. I had visions of waking up to a polka dotted face tomorrow morning. So I took it off and washed my face with my second cleanser again. Destash! 

The mask itself was a thicker fabric than I am used to and was almost too small for my face. Obvi will not be repurchasing…

Update: My skin sucked in Shark Sauce and Snail Recovery Gel like no tomorrow. Woke up the next morning with a really greasy face.  

Epic Fail…lol

Epic Fail…lol

I had my first epic fail with AB today. I tried a Lindsay Vitamin Modeling Mask. My boyfriend had to try real hard not to laugh…

Lindsay Vitamin Modeling Mask

As I added water to the line in the cup to mix the powder with, my boyfriend asked me if I needed to use cold or hot water. There were not instructions as to that. I used hot water and I wonder if that may have had something to do with this disaster…


Chunky and rubbery. I wonder if using hot water may have sped up the chemical reaction, because it was all of 30 seconds between water adding and face smearing. However negative this mini-review/fail looks, I will be eagerly trying it again. There was no smell and it felt really good on! After I was done being grumpy, I realized that where the mask stayed on my face, my skin felt like silk. What if my whole face could be like this?!? Besides, my boyfriend enjoys the entertainment…